PSA: List of SPAM and SCAM New Zealand SMS / Text Numbers

A list of New Zealand numbers used for sending SCAMS to users

IT NEAR U protects and recovers your data from scammers and hackersWith so many scams being reported to us, being sent to us, we’ve decided to make a list.

Note that the internet URL links have been modified to prevent users from accidentally clicking on them. DO NOT click on links. These are merely provided so that when people search on the internet they find the scam.

Please feel free to forward your scam texts to us with full number it was from as well as the text content to our main e-mail address listed above with the subject #Scams2Add


From Mobile Number: +64 210 912 1715 or 02109121715

SCAM Message: WestPac NZ: Your access has been temporarily suspended due to suspicious activity, restore account access via httpX://westpacnzloginonline.c0m