Protecting Your Children with Smart Cybersecurity:

How 'IT NEAR U' Empowers Parents

Parents today are presented with a unique challenge that previous generations never encountered: securing their children’s online activities. In the digital age, children are exposed to the internet at increasingly younger ages. While this access can provide a vast pool of educational resources and global connectivity, it also presents a series of potential threats. This is where ‘IT NEAR U’ steps in. Our commitment to enhancing your family’s cybersecurity stands unmatched. We equip you with a robust line of defence through our smart WiFi routers, incorporating parental control management and cutting-edge cybersecurity software.

Embracing the Digital Age Safely

While there’s no doubt about the benefits and opportunities the internet provides, it also comes with inherent risks. Cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, identity theft, and online predators are just a few of the threats lurking in the digital world. Our solution at ‘IT NEAR U’ is not about restricting internet access but rather providing a safe, controlled environment for your children to learn, explore and communicate.

Our Solution: Enhanced WiFi Routers with Parental Controls and Cybersecurity Software

To help you secure your child’s online experiences, we offer advanced WiFi routers that come pre-installed with powerful cybersecurity software and versatile parental control management. These are not mere internet gateways, but personalized gatekeepers, designed to secure your home network.

Parental Control Management

With our WiFi routers, you gain the ability to manage your children’s internet usage effectively. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set Access Times: Specify internet access hours to ensure your kids are online during suitable times.

  • Content Filtering: Block websites and content categories inappropriate for your children.

  • Monitor Internet Usage: Keep track of your kids’ online activities.

Cybersecurity Software

Our routers are equipped with sophisticated cybersecurity software that provides:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Real-time defence against cyber threats, malware, and phishing attacks.

  • Secure Transactions: Ensures that sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and passwords are encrypted and safe.

  • Firewall Protection: A robust firewall to protect your home network from potential intruders and threats.

The Benefits

Peace of Mind

With our advanced routers and software, you can rest easy knowing that your children are navigating a safer digital environment. The comprehensive protection against online threats ensures they are shielded from malicious attacks.

Healthy Digital Habits

By setting access times and monitoring usage, you can encourage healthy internet habits. This aids in preventing internet addiction and ensures your kids spend their online time productively.

Knowledge and Education

Our WiFi routers provide a safe space for your children to learn and grow. They can explore the internet and benefit from its vast educational resources without the risk of stumbling onto harmful content.

Family-Friendly Internet

The content filtering feature allows you to create a family-friendly online environment. This way, all members of your household can enjoy a safe and secure browsing experience.

IT NEAR U is committed to making the internet a safer place for your family. Our advanced WiFi routers with parental control management and cybersecurity software ensure you are equipped to handle the challenges of parenting in the digital age. Stay one step ahead of the threats and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.