Meet Craven Coetzee

The Driving Force Behind IT NEAR U

Craven Coetzee | founder | IT NEAR USeasoned ICT Consultant and Business Entrepreneur

More than just an IT enthusiast, Craven Coetzee is a seasoned Information Communication Technology (ICT) consultant with over three decades of experience in the field. Before bringing his expertise to New Zealand, Craven successfully ran Kondura Technologies CC (please excuse that website as it is not our founder’s original design and it has not been maintained)., one of the most prominent ICT consulting service companies in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for over two decades.

A Rich Portfolio Across Industries

Craven’s experience is comprehensive, having worked extensively with large corporate clients, including major legal and accounting firms. Additionally, he has managed and bolstered IT for retail and manufacturing businesses, many of whom were international distributors.

IT NEAR U | Our Story

A Wealth of Expertise

Through the years, Craven has amassed a wealth of skills, specializing in IT infrastructure management, compliance, policy-setting, privacy measures, disaster recovery, and security protocols. The diversity of his skill set is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Steve Wozniak - Apple Co-Founder Quotation | IT NEAR UA Fresh Start in New Zealand

In January 2019, Craven moved to New Zealand and joined a small local tech support business. While it was a significant shift from running a large enterprise, he brought a transformative skill set to this mom-and-pop operation. Over the years, he stayed committed to staying current, investing countless hours in upskilling, research, and online courses. 

As Steve Wozniak once said, “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.”



The Birth of IT NEAR U

After securing his New Zealand residency on January 26, 2022, Craven wasted no time in regaining his entrepreneurial spirit. He founded IT NEAR U LIMITED on March 2, 2022, to create bespoke IT solutions for clients in the Greater Wellington Region.

An Approach Rooted in Solution

For Craven, quick fixes are not the solution. He delves deep into understanding the root cause of any issue and aims to implement lasting solutions. This ethos is ingrained in our team, ensuring consistent and reliable service for our clients.

Why We Do What We Do

Craven isn’t just passionate about IT; he finds immense satisfaction in streamlining your IT systems and processes. It’s not merely about solving problems but about making things work better.

Our Mission and Vision

We’re on a mission to expand our services, employ the best of the Kiwi tech talent, and offer unparalleled ICT services in Wellington, with sights set on expanding throughout New Zealand. Come join us on this exciting journey with IT NEAR U, your local IT computer support company.

We’re IT NEAR U. How May We Help You?

At IT NEAR U, your IT needs are our top priority. Our mantra is “How may we help you today?”

A Quirky Side Note

Craven’s love for technology extends to his home, where his ‘technical family team’ includes his beloved cats—treasured companions who’ve made the journey all the way from South Africa to New Zealand with him.

We look forward to serving all your Technology Requirements at IT NEAR U, the IT Company near you.

Stanley, the IT Trouble-shooter
Steve, the IT Enthusiast
Fami, the IT Workshop Cat
Fami the Workshop Cat