We have seen some pretty embarrassing Teams and SharePoint configurations and implementations.

Part of the reason for this is that Cloud Computing generally has a more accessible Graphic User Interface (GUI) or Web Portal and appears easier to use at first glance. 

Just because it seems easy to do, doesn’t mean you should do it. The number of IT guys we have seen use their clients as guinea pigs just to get an Office 365 subscription out of them is appalling.

The majority of people don’t actually know what SharePoint actually is or how to implement it correctly. If your IT guy is telling you “it can’t be done this way” or “that’s just how it looks”, call us – we’ll usually get it working better.

We can bring order from the chaos of the confusion of user rights, why you can’t access that file, but another person can, or why you can’t share this, etc.

We can help you understand and use the system better on Windows or Mac, Apple iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices.


Microsoft’s Sharepoint Online is tightly integrated with Microsoft’s team collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams.

It’s very easy to become confused understanding what a Team is and what a Sharepoint site is used for. 

We can help with getting everything working smoothly and train you on any platform, Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android on how to use this technology correctly.