IT near U supports, installs, sells and recommends Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Cloud services.

As far as cloud services go, Microsoft 365 Family is a great value product for home users. The annual license is only NZ$165 and it permits up to six (6) individuals in a house-hold to each have their own account, their own 1000Gb of storage for photos, documents and desktop backups, their own license for access to following Microsoft Products for non-commercail use to each use on up to five (5) devices:

We can set this service up correctly so that you get the maximum benefit from it.

The subscription integrates tightly with Windows Operating Systems. The OneDrive ensures that your OneDrive folder, and your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders in Windows are all backed up. This backup & sync system protects you from dreaded ransomware attacks.

You can set your phone up to automatically download photos to your computer via the internet and WiFi.

You can access your desktop, documents, pictures folders on your PC on your phone /or tablet.

OneDrive includes similar features to Microsoft’s business-class document library systems such as “versioning”. If you accidentally overwrite a file, you can simply revert back to the previous version, and if you delete a file, you can go back up to 30 days to recover it.

The subscription also greatly improves your e-mail security. If you have an Outlook, LIVE or Hotmail account, it is upgraded to a massive 50Gb in size, and all adverts displayed on the free system are removed.

It also adds additional scanning and protection from spam and viruses on the subscription e-mail system.

The subscription also works with Apple Mac computers and offers greatly improved web-based (online) versions of Office 365.

Notable Benefits to the Microsoft 365 Family subscription:

The Microsoft 365 Personal subscription includes all the benefits of the 365 Family subscription, but the license is restricted to ONE licensed user / account, but it too may be installed on up to five devices (used by the same user). The annual license is about NZ$120.