Google Workspace

More than just GMail, there's also Google GSuite

An Easy-to-Use Cloud eco-System

For users of Android Phones, Windows or Chrome OS, Google’s eco-system makes a compelling business solution. Although we are personally more steered towards Microsoft 365 as a cloud solution, there is no disputing that Google is powerful e-mail, cloud backup and collaboration system.

If you are invested in the Google Eco-System and it is working the way you need, but you just need a bit more guidance, we are able to assist.

We can assist with Google’s compute solutions, including setting up very, very fast WordPress sites hosted by Google Cloud. Speed of Websites are integral to good Search Engine Optimization, so if good SEO and a fast, responsive WordPress site are essential, we can set up and maintain a cloud server for you.

A Full Software / Office Suite in the Cloud

You may think of Google Drive mostly as a cloud storage service, but it also includes a suite of online office apps including, but not limited to: 

You can use them to collaborate with colleagues on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation in real time or asynchronously. These apps can also be used to import, export, and natively edit Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents.