Personal Computers, Notebooks, Apple products

Our primary focus is not hardware sales. Our focus is “you” buying the “right thing”.

We are consultants. We fix issues. We set up, configure, new and breath new life into old hardware systems.

If you ask us for advice on a product and we don’t have it, we will recommend you to a “tech” retail store to get the right product for the job. We’re not going to sell you something just because we have it in stock and have it on special. 

We sell the best value products with decent after-sales support and assistance in New Zealand.

We will not sell you anything that we wouldn’t buy or use ourselves at home or in business.

We tend to favour the “prosumer” brands by Hewlett Packard and Dell for hardware – including notebooks and desktop PCs. These include the HP Probook and Dell latitude notebooks.

We direct our Apple clients who wish to buy new products directly to Apple as we would just be an unnecessary middle-man when these products need servicing /or repairs.

We can assist with many Apple repairs and issues, but for serious issues, we do have strong partnerships with Apple authorized service centres and will assist where we can when repairs are needed.

Printers and Multi-Function Devices

Once again, our focus is not on making a quick buck on something we happen to have on special. If we see a retailer has a special on, we will gladly make a solid recommendation to a “tech retailer” with good after-sales support.

We tend to favour very well supported New Zealand brands such as Brother and Hewlett Packard (HP) printers.

On some items, our prices are usually fair and competitive, both on the printers as well as the printer cartridges which we can have delivered directly to you. We cannot compete with large tech retailers, but occasionally, we do get good deals 🙂 


Recycling of Old Equipment

We have partnerships with some “Green” recycling companies and can either advise where to take old items or for some items, take them and dispose of them for a small fee.

We can safely, ethically dispose of some of your old computers, laptops, printers, screens and other obselete hardware.

Computer Upgrades, Repairs

If your computer or notebook (laptop) is not too old (about 4 years or so) and in good physical condition, but it appears to be running a bit slow, we can breathe new life into it by drastically boosting performance with upgrading the memory (RAM) as well as installing a super fast SSD hard disk

Most newer computers are not upgradeable, however.

We can back up your data and reload a fresh copy of the latest version of Windows and solve many issues caused by badly installed updates or software corruption.

Many computers come pre-loaded with “bloatware” – promotional software that just takes up unnecessary space and slows down your computer. A clean, fresh re-install with the latest operating system usually does wonders to speed and reliability of a computer/notebook.