Cheap IT Peripherals, Parts and Components

Usually only as good as what you paid for them!

A few years back, when the owner of IT near U owned another successful IT company, he had a customer phone and rave about he had picked up an absolute bargain in China where he had purchased a massive TWO terabytes external USB hard disk for about 1/4 what we had quoted him on before leaving on his trip.

His excitement was cut short when he brought the brand new drive in to be checked just a few days after using it as he couldn’t copy more than 16Mb to the drive even though it reported a full two terabytes of storage.

We opened it up and found this:

No hard disk was found inside!

Instead, we found a couple of bolts glued together to add weight with a cheap 16Mb USB flash drive that appeared to be 2 Tb of storage when it was plugged into the computer.

Be cautious when buying deals that are too good to be true overseas or from market/street dealers.

Always buy from reputable, known dealers where you are confident you will receive good after-sales support and a warranty.