Buyer Beware: Dreamscape Networks | The worst domain registrar?

(trading as FreeParking, DiscountDomains, CrazyDomains, WEB.COM and more?)

Dreamscape Networks - Crazy Domains - DiscountDomains - FreeParking - worst service, worst domain support

Dreamscape Networks: Could they be any worse?

Dreamscape Networks, hands-down the absolute worst support experience, and the worst domain registrar we have ever dealt with, had support from, has left us deeply disappointed. This public service announcement (PSA) aims to shed light on our dreadful experience with this company. Despite their modern facade, our encounters with their services, such as DiscountDomains, have been nothing short of atrocious. We have wasted countless hours grappling with their poor support. 

In one month, we’ve racked up over five wasted hours in dealing with their mess via phone and e-mail. Quite frankly, we’re still unsure if Dreamscape Networks off-shore support team or their portal is actually working, have resolved our issue. Their only success is their consistent failure to resolve our issues.

HINT: Don’t bother e-mailing their [email protected] account. Mails just go unanswered for a week and then automatically the ticket gets closed and marked as “resolved” with no response, no follow-up whatso-ever. DiscountDomains, I guess the name could let you believe that you “get what you pay for”, but they’re not cheap either!

A Disastrous Transfer

Upon transferring ten domains to Discount Domains (owned by FreeParking, which is owned by Dreamscape Networksin early October 2023, we encountered a multitude of issues, an uphill battle. Despite numerous attempts to seek assistance, our problems remain unresolved. Their support seems to be centralized in the Philippines, resulting in significant communication barriers. Emails go unanswered, and support tickets are closed without solutions.

A Frustrating Ordeal

We are currently grappling with a critical issue that has caused a client’s domain to be suspended, disrupting their email services. Only upon PAYING for another year to renew a domain (that actually expired in 2027) did we manage to restore service. The lack of comprehension and inadequate support have pushed us to the brink. It’s evident to us that Dreamscape Networks, along with its subsidiaries like Crazy Domains and Free Parking, prioritizes profits over customer satisfaction.

Seeking a Resolution

As we navigate this challenging situation, we are committed to relocating our domains and advising our clients to do the same. Our hope is to spare others from enduring the same exasperating experience that we have faced.

Following this month-long ordeal, and our experience, we urge individuals considering Dreamscape Networks, Crazy Domains, Free Parking, or DiscountDomains to exercise caution. From our painful (and costly) experience, patience and resilience are essential when dealing with such an ineffective service provider.

Certainly one of the worst choices in domain registrar we have ever made. Buyer Beware: Dreamscape Networks (CrazyDomains, DiscountDomains, FreeParking – apparently all have support from the same support center!). We will personally steer clear of them and their other brands and advise clients the same. 

In our opinion, don’t believe the reviews. There is possible no way that they reflect the current state of the company, nor their ability to adequately support their customers and maintain their domains.