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IT NEAR U recommends Anyware Web Marketing

LINK: Anyware Web Marketing & Design

As IT business consultants, our focus is on making your business IT work better, work better for you, make you more productive, make you aware of new ways of doing things and weighing up the cost and productivity benefits of changing or continuing on your current path.

We believe you should own your IT, but we manage it. We guide and assist you with the things we are really good at and because we know an IT company cannot be an expert on everything, we seek advice from experts, partners in a particular IT field, for things we don’t have resources or not “as good” as we can be, we bring in or refer you to trusted, reliable partners. People we’ve known and built up solid relationships over the years.

IT is not just about computers any more. As a managed IT solution provider, we work with other IT companies to keep things running smoothly and deal with your IT and attempt to anticipate IT issues before they affect your business.

Our experience is very diverse. We understand a lot about all IT systems and how they integrate together. From cloud migrations, to data transfer, to e-mail, to social media, to websites, to CRM’s, to how to make everything just work well together. We have a holistic experience about everything to ensure things are being done the right way.

One of the worst mistakes any new business makes is using cheap, insecure e-mail systems. We’re pretty good at getting your e-mail working securely and reliably. Speak to us about that that as well as cloud storage and cloud document management systems like SharePoint. 

The second, and possibly hands-down worst mistake? Spending money on a website without planning, guidance and thinking a website will just automatically drive new business to you. Doing a website without a strategy is like having a beautiful business card designed and then just dropping it in a bottle in the ocean thinking someone will find it.

A website, managed and maintained correctly is the single biggest driver of business to you, but having a web page is not enough. You need a strategy. 

We have a really good understanding of websites. We have a server here at IT NEAR U that we set up, configured, hosts our numerous websites, but it is not something our focus is on. Our focus is on IT consulting, fixing IT problems, providing solutions, IT business cloud consulting. We’re good at it. 

Fortunately, we have a really good partner we’ve found and worked with on numerous projects. When he speaks to me, personally, a guy with decades of IT experience, who knows the ins and outs of most new tech, I still learn things from him. It’s what he specializes in. He’s good at it. 

He’s Phil Donaldson from Anywere Web Marketing. He will not only design your website. He will make it work for you. A website is not a quick project. It takes a while to develop a strategy to make you get up the search rankings of Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo!

Phil from Anyware Web Design & Marketing is a guy that you can trust and we refer work to him all the time. We don’t get a commission from it. We just trust him to do the job.

Another thing, please don’t reply to these random people, these opportunists sending you spam or calling you telling you how they can boost your rankings, or improve your SEO or some other wild, magic-bullet claims to make your site popular. They usually use BOTNETS and although it may work short-term, it doesn’t end well once Google flags it.

SEO is absolutely “a thing”, but you need the right guy to help you with it.

Use a guy like Phil from Anywhere Web Design & Marketing. He’s local. He’s trustworthy and he actually knows the latest algorithms and how to drive traffic to your site long-term. Click HERE to go to his website.