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PSA#001 - Great deals from our "competitors"

Well, not really "our" competitors, but these are good deals

Yes, we do Computer Sales, but our primary focus is Computer Support

See below for some excellent offers by some of the major tech retailers in Wellington, as well as the rest of New Zealand. 

So, why are we promoting our competitors? Well, we don’t have the buying power of some of the larger retail tech stores. We’re mainly an IT Services company. So, what we do have? Skilled IT Consultants and Computer Consultants in Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley and Kapiti Coast. We also have a management team with experience setting up, running and improving businesses.

We also don’t have the high staff turnover of some of the local mobile computer support companies. Our IT consultants are trained, have far more experience in giving holistic IT solutions for your home or business. Even our more junior mobile techs have easy access to guidance and advice from experienced consultants to any doubts they may have.

You’re assured of the best IT support and service when you use IT NEAR U.

So, no matter where you decide to buy, if you’re wanting your new computer, new WiFi, new smart home, new office or home network set up correctly, call the IT Professionals to do the set up the correct way. 

We feel we serve our clients best by not leaving them to the buy from the person at the retail store who has (possibly) limited experience and more than likely has never owned/run a bussiness.

We feel if we’re going to lose a sale to someone looking for a bargain, we’d rather advise them on something that is good value and a decent quality, reputable brand. These are all items we would consider using ourselves.

So, here are some really good bargains on sale right now – click the green links to go to the web site.

NEW Computer Laptop / Notebook

If you’re planning on buying a notebook for home or business use, this is really, really good value. For Word, Excel, etc.

At only NZ$759, this is a good deal. A really good deal!

Yes, it is an Intel i3, but that is an 11th Gen i3 that is up to 35% faster than an i7 (power user CPU) from just six years ago and it also has an SSD which is 10 to 15x faster than slower Hard Disks.  It also comes with Windows Pro, so it’s great for home and business.

CLICK: Lenovo V15 G2 15.6″ FHD Intel i3-1115G4 20GB 256GB SSD Win11Pro 1yr warranty – WiFiAC + BT5, Webcam, USB-C, HDMI1.4b, RJ45

Computer Laptop / Notebook - ex-Lease (but still great value) Second-Hand

This is a rare find. It’s an 8th Gen Notebook with good specs, good battery life and should support Windows 11 Pro. Good for home or business use. At only NZ$569 it will serve your business or home for several years. Nice, portable, and has touch screen!

CLICK: Toshiba Tecra X40-E (A-Grade Off-Lease) 14″ Touch Laptop
Intel Core I5-8250u – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD – Win10 Pro (Upgraded) – Reconditioned by PB Tech – 12 Months Warranty

Gaming Video Cards

This is a great video card for 1080p and even 1440p gaming. A solid choice from a good brand, Gigabyte. It’s a really good price as well for the performance you get – currently on special for only NZ$749

Please ensure your that your PC power supply is powerful enough to handle the card in your existing computer. Call us if you need advice or a system checkup.

CLICK:  Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC 2.0 LHR Graphics Card, 8GB GDDR6, PCIE 4.0, 3X Fan, Upto 1740MHz, 2X DP, 2X HDMI, 281mm Length, Max 4 Display Out, 1X8 Pin Power, 600W Or Higher PSU Recommended

Business / Home Computer Monitor

This monitor brand is often overlooked as it’s not as well known as Samsung or LG, but it is really a good, reliable brand, but at the price of NZ$228.85, it’s a solid, great value choice for a 27″ screen.

CLICK: AOC 27B2HM 27″ FHD Business Monitor
1920×1080 – HDMI – VGA – Tilt Adjustable – 100×100 VESA


All warranties are honoured by the respective companies selling them and we are not affiliated with them in any way whatsoever. ie. We don’t get paid a commission for selling /promoting these products. We accept no liability for any purchases of these products, nor do we guarantee them fit for any purpose. All prices as at 5th November 2022 at 9.37pm and subject to change due to related company policy changes and/or stock levels. Images of actual products may be different to those displayed.