We strive to offer the best IT support, computer repairs and IT services for Home and Business in Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Kapiti Coast.

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We provide Computer and Laptop repairs, Small Business and Personal IT Support in Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua and Kapiti Coast.

We come to you, at a time when It is convenient for you to solve your computer, Laptop, Smart Device and other technical problems.

​We pride ourselves on Fast, Friendly personable and Reliable service.

Our founder has decades of experience in the IT industry, as a hands-on technician, a cyber-security consultant, an ICT Consultant, a Systems Analyst and an IT Manager.

Computer Upgrades

Tired of your computer running slowly?

Having a coffee break just to load your emails? Does it not connect to WiFi?

We can help.

Cleaning Junk Files and Updating Drivers

Over time your computer can become jammed up with programs and files that are not required and are making it run poorly. A clean-up of your device and an update of your drivers can usually do the trick however sometimes this just isn’t enough to keep up with modern software updates and programs.

In this instance, our friendly technicians can upgrade your Computer or Laptop to keep up with the tasks you want it to perform.

Memory / RAM Upgrades

RAM or Random Access Memory is the place where your Computer stores all of its active tasks and applications. If you do not have enough of it, modern operating systems will assign a place on your hard drive for more storage called a paging file or virtual memory. This means it can take longer to retrieve and work with open applications when switching between tasks.

Upgrading your RAM can often be a good place to start with Computer and Laptop Upgrades. If your Computer or Laptop is more than 5 years old the chances are it does not have enough RAM to perform properly and complete the tasks assigned to it in a timely manner.

Solid State Drives or SSD's

An excellent upgrade for a faster computer is moving from a hard drive to a Solid State Drive or SSD. Hard drives are often the bottleneck of speed in your Computer or Laptop. The read and write speeds are much slower than that of a Solid State Drive meaning loading times are significantly longer. Solid State Drive allow content such as your operating system, programs and files to load and save around 5 times faster than a standard hard drive. This means your Computer or Laptop spends less time loading and more time being usable for the task at hand. 

Wireless Technology

Most older desktop computers and Laptops do not have built-in Wireless cards, meaning you are unable to connect to the Wireless internet router in your home. With all Internet Service Providers having switched to wireless routers now it can be a much easier option for your computer or laptop able to work on wireless technology.

Often the current network card inside your computer is outdated slower technology also leads to slower internet connection speeds and loading times. If buffering or internet loading and wait times are something you are familiar with it may be time to look at upgrading to newer technology. We have options available for both desktop computers and laptop computers available.

You may not need a new computer. Call us first!

Simple upgrades such as these are enough for you to feel the new Computer or Laptop experience without spending thousands on a new computer.

Mobile computer support and repair Wellington – Johnsonville – Tawa – Porirua – Kapiti – Otaki – Levin – Upper Hutt – Lower Hutt – Petone – Wainuiomata

(note: travel surcharges may be charged north of Otaki)

For all your technology services – new and used hardware sales, upgrades, email, wireless networks, internet security …. and much more. We’re the computer support company near you! #ITnearU #ITnearYou #ITNU